I Am The Grower, I Am An Organic Farmer

Do you know where that “organic cabbage” you bought from an upmarket store came from? While it’s good that you care for your family and buy fresh organic produce, it’s also important to understand whether you are getting what you are paying for. Your happiness encourages us to work harder under the scorching sun to ensure that the consumer gets what he deserves.

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अन्नमशितं त्रेधा विधीयते, तस्य यः स्थविष्ठो धातुः तत् पुरीषं भवति, यो मध्यमः तन्मांसं भवति, यो अणिष्ठः तन्मनः । – छान्दोग्योपनिषत् ६-५-१ “What we eat is,

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