The world has been on a treadmill. We are choosing “fast” and artificial over natural and organic. A lot of us don’t seem to care much about what we eat. Or whether what’s on our plate is naturally grown and safe to consume. At Nimble Growth, we are aiming to change all that and present the natural way of living.

Sustainable, conscious & organic living

A bunch of us, all like-minded entrepreneurs, got together in 2016 at Nimble Growth with an idea to do something for the farmers and consumers. Over the next few years, we built a strong network of fertile farms, spread over 800+ acres in Karnataka’s Haveri, Ranebennur and Mysore where we harvest certified organic products and supply in and around Bangalore, Hyderabad region.

It fills us with great joy to put smiles on the faces of both our patrons and farmers. While the former get fresh, organic produce sourced straight from our farms, the latter earn a sustainable income.

Empowering The Farmer

At Nimble Growth, we ensure that our patrons get authentic and unadulterated produce while our farmers make a sustainable income. Their happiness and satisfaction is our driving force. As “organic” is the buzzword, a lot of entrepreneurs have shifted focus to this natural way of food production. However, not many of them are following ethical practices or guiding the farmers to the right direction. Transparency and traceability isn’t something they are ready to offer. As a result, while the retailer laughs his way to the bank, the farmer remains poor and miserable. And the consumer has no idea where the produce came from or whether it’s actually what it claims to be i.e. “organic”.

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Training & Handholding

Among our other responsibilities, the most important one is to educate the farmer and induct him into the world of organic. We work directly with farmers and encourage them to adhere to ethical practices and train them for process-oriented production.

We work with those farmers who are on the same page with the brand’s philosophy and agree to adhere to the set parameters. Because it’s paramount that the farmer understands the need to grow organic, is willing to move away from the traditional approach and learn how to turn organic farming into a lucrative business.

Since the yields on an average dip by 30 per cent in the first year, Nimble Growth supports farmers during the transition when embracing organic. It takes about three to four years to attain pre-conversion yield levels.


Contract And Captive Farming

We work on different models – for example contract and captive farming – here, each one benefits the farmer. Even when we have farmers grow specifically for us, our executives visit their farms on a daily basis. Besides regular review, we train farmers in crop residue management, soil preparation, planting, crop management, harvesting, and post-harvest processing.

We monitor the production process at every stage and suggest techniques that will save the crop from infestation or adverse weather conditions. We draw up a plan for them and they need to follow the method and calculations. We not only buy from them but empower them to expand and diversify.


Technical Assistance

Farmers have to rely on a lot of external factors like weather, wind, market forces — things that impact incomes. We provide tools, resources and consultancy to farmers so that their production costs go down and the output not only goes up, it is also consistent. The technology empowers and enables them to harvest crops according to the weather and soil temperament of their fields. This ensures a steady income for the farmers.


Selling The Produce


Selling The

Since we directly buy from the farmers, they don’t have to worry about procurement and distribution. It takes off the pressure to sell in the market and the farmers get the price committed to them. This makes the farmer feel secure and open to organic farming.


Creating Employment

We engage fresh agriculture graduates in our farms and turn them into smart and independent entrepreneurs. Some of the farmers we are working with are 20s, who now have enough experience to share with other farmers. These young minds are also educating others in their villages and encouraging them to make the much-needed switch to organic.


Subsidies And Grants

We register farmers with various FPCs (Farmer Producer Company) and FPOs (Farmer Producer Organization) and help them with necessary paperwork to avail schemes, grants and subsidies.

Tech enabled Agri

Usage of technology to improve farm productivity.

Production / Supply side

Production management & Traceability App

Timeline and authentication of organic produce

Tech enabled farming

Smart IOT : Satellite Sensing

Demand side

B2B App

Order Management


Complete end to end supply chain

Where is your food coming from?

We work closely with 200+ farmers from west and north of Karnataka. We help them adopt better tools and processes to improve the harvest and eventually create a consistent demand for their produce. We follow natural farming techniques by organic farmer SR Sundararaman, who practiced conventional farming for over three decades before taking the organic path.

Our primary focus is to enable the farmers to harvest the best quality agricultural produce and to help farmers form large cooperatives for creating a better livelihood for themselves.


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Embrace Organic

अन्नमशितं त्रेधा विधीयते, तस्य यः स्थविष्ठो धातुः तत् पुरीषं भवति, यो मध्यमः तन्मांसं भवति, यो अणिष्ठः तन्मनः । – छान्दोग्योपनिषत् ६-५-१ “What we eat is, what we become” – Chandogya

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